quarta-feira, abril 05, 2006

"Stylish Fetish"

Asia Argento with a Gun Fetish
Teri Hatcher on Bondage
Salma Hayek wearing a Black PVC Pencil Skirt
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Fetish Vamp
Angelina Jolie as a Dominatrix
Piper Perabo wearing a Leather Outfit
Eva Longoria wearing Sexy Fetish Stockings
Monica Bellucci wearing a Latex Ivory Dress
Scarlett Johansson looking Submissive and Masked
Carrie Ann-Moss dressed in Vinyl
Keira Knightley as a Domme
Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel in Bondage Love
Emanuelle Beàrt doing Water Sports
Jessica Alba with Black Patent High Heel Boots

Famke Janssen as a Crossdresser
Kate Beckinsale with Long Leather Gloves
Sarah Michelle Gellar role-playing Breath ControlChristina Aguilera drapped in Purple Velvet

Há mais fetishes em Hollywood e no mundo do Showbizz do que o que parece à primeira vista...

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