sábado, maio 13, 2006

«The Gathering Party»

There will be an offical photographer to shoot

the shows happening on stage.

Originally from Minnesota, now living in Minneapolis,

superstar of countless fetish videos
from the world renowned

Honorary Queen of Kink in the Caribean 6,
Rubberella needs no introductions.


"Sublime Lady of the
Other World Kingdom" -

With 15 years of experience as a Pro Domina, Mistress Shane

has relocated from New York to Europe about 10 years ago,

having established herself in Antwerp, Belgium,

where she builther first domination studio.

This year she opened a new studio in Aartselaar,

a small town near Antwerp and Brussels and

she is one of the most sought after european Dominas.

We will be giving away several

DVDs and fetish books during the party.



Blogger Baalrech disse...

Bem! Grande festança LOL! Um aniversário para recordar >:)

5:55 da tarde  
Blogger Rui disse...

E foi bom?

10:24 da manhã  

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