quinta-feira, dezembro 30, 2004

Fucked Up World

(Wonderful World)
I see trees burnin', black roses too
I see Portugal burstin' for me and you
And I think to myself what a fucked up world.

I see skies of grey and clouds of smoke
Traffic jams when I'm late, that ain't no joke!
And I think to myself what a fucked up world.

The colours of the rainbow, a «gay pride» parade
Showin' off on their way, AIDS will make 'em fade
I see junkies sharing needles, pimps and hoes too
They're really sayin' I'm gonna fuck you!!!

I see children raped, I watch them grow
They suffered so much more than I hope to know
And I think to myself what fucked up world...
Yes I really fuckin' think to myself what a goddamn'
fucked up muthafuckin' world!!!
Maria Inês Ramos (c) 2004


Blogger Sergy disse...

Even a "Fucked up world" can be wonderful when there are people with such a beautiful, creative mind!

3:51 da tarde  
Blogger Miguel disse...

Não é que não goste de ver as fotos que colocas no Rambóia. Mas ler esta letra fez-me ter vontade de descobrir mais textos teus. Bom ano!

2:32 da manhã  

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