sexta-feira, janeiro 07, 2005

Work for the Mob

I went in a Journey to Italy
And met this wiseguy in a black suit
He said: “Would you like me to show you Sicily?”
“Cosi piú bella you’re so cute!”

I thought this handsome ‘Pacino boy
Was kinda chit-chat bullshittin’ me
Asked about the ring in his finger
He said: “Cara mia, I belong to the family!”

Took me to a fancy dinner place
To order some yummie expensive lobster
He took my hand and kissed in the face
Said: “Would you like to date a mobster?”

I said: Darling I really dig ya like hell!

But what I need is a well-paid job
He said: “Gorgeous, I’ll solve your problem
If come to work for the Mob!”
And then I said…

I’d love to work for the Mob
Yeah I think it’s a great job
Killing gangsters all day
It’s my way or you’ll pay

Italian suits are just ok
To work in organized crime
The Godfather protects me
And puts you back on the line!

20th August 2000 copyright to:
Maria Inês Ramos. All Rights Reserved.


Blogger Sergy disse...

Que música é essa?

8:56 da manhã  
Blogger Inês Ramos disse...

Foi uma letra que escrevi há uns anitos inspirada em «rockabilly / psychobilly» e no som de uma das bandas que mais adoro a seguir a "Manowar"...

"The Cramps". ;)... "Oooh yeah, I dig that goddamn' rock n' roll"... Se gostaste desta espera pelas próximas!

8:59 da manhã  

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