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O Dr. House e o "Breath Control"

E aproveito este post temático para publicar mais uma deliciosa foto do Dr. Sexy
tirada, como sempre, do site oficial do actor Hugh Laurie
e desta vez como o tema exige, vestido a rigor...
Dresscode... If you catch my drift. Hihihih.

Não é segredo para ninguém que eu sou kinky e tenho afinidades com estilos de vida pouco ortodoxos e nada mainstream. Ao rever o episódio 20 da 1ª temporada de "House", curiosamente chamado "Love Hurts" lembrei-me de como o assunto tinha sido abordado (de forma mais ou menos imparcial) nesta série de culto e resolvi partilhá-lo com vocês. Para quem não sabe (ou já não se lembra) este é o antepenúltimo episódio da 1ª temporada. Neste episódio o ponto alto é o encontro romantico entre House e Cameron, a par disso Harvey, um paciente de 21 anos queixa-se de dores de dentes e apesar de ter sido visto por diferentes médicos (quiropráticos, acunpuntores, etc.) ninguém descobre o que ele tem; House "assusta" o jovem até ele ter o que aparenta ser um enfarte e a partir daí passa a ser seu paciente. Chase sugere como diagnóstico aneurisma devido a um traumatismo, ao príncipio House rejeita-o até Chase revelar que a misteriosa visitante do seu paciente é uma Domme chamada Anette que Chase conhecia de vista de uma festa. (Chase ...kinky? Quem diria, ein?)
Aqui fica um excerto da parte em que ficamos a conhecer a faceta kinky do Dr. Chase:

Chase: The guy obviously broke his jaw somehow. Who knows what other trauma he’s suffered? We should do the angiogram again.

House: And all signs point to… [He looks at the 8-ball.] Sorry, Chase. The gods have spoken. Start Harvey on blood thinners and antibiotics.

[Cut to the ducklings walking toward Harvey’s room.]

Chase: Wow. Yeah, I get it. House is adorable. I just want to hold him and never let go. [They open Harvey’s door to find Annette performing breath control on him. (And yes, the blinds were shut so they couldn’t see walking up.)]

Cameron: Oh, my God! What the hell are you doing? [Foreman and Cameron pull Annette away.]

Foreman: You’re choking him!

Chase: Foreman, stop. Let her go.

Foreman: [holding Annette] She was trying to kill him!

Harvey: No. No, she wasn’t.

Cameron: His vitals seem okay.

Harvey: Please. Please don’t hurt her. [Annette gets away from Foreman.]

Foreman: What the hell is going on in here?

Chase: She’s… she’s a dominatrix. [Foreman’s eyebrows almost lift off his head.] Right, Annette?

[Cut to Cuddy’s office, where House and Annette are meeting with a hospital lawyer.]

Lawyer: The patient asked you to strangle him?

Annette: Harvey is an asphyxiaphyliac. He likes to be strangled or smothered.

Lawyer: That’s just sick.

House: Well, that’s an intriguing legal opinion. Geez, what kind of a lawyer is he?

Lawyer: You want a legal opinion? Call the cops.

Annette: I was careful. I watched the monitors, made sure his O2 stats were over 90. I would never hurt him.

House: Then what was the point?

Annette: Harvey was upset. He needed to calm down. To feel in control by being controlled.

Cuddy: Eh.. Hum… He pays you for this?

Annette: [nodding and smiling] In return, he does my taxes and cleans my house. [House gets up to leave.]

Cuddy: [To House] We’re not done here, we have to talk!

House: Call the cops, bar her from the hospital, force her to pierce your nipples… Not really medical decisions.

[Cut to the diagnostic office.]

Chase: It was a long time ago. I was seeing this woman. A banker, and turns out she liked to be burned.

Cameron: You actually dated someone who likes to get burned? [Chase nods.]

Foreman: Yeah, why would you want to be in a relationship with someone that’s so obviously only going to lead to pain?

Cameron: Shut up.

Chase: It was a weird scene. I observed – [House enters.]

House: Chase. Did you know about this woman? What she does?

Chase: I met her at some parties, yeah.

House: I wouldn’t have tortured you if I knew you liked it. [Chase kind of laughs at that.] Well, here’s a phrase to remember: “Hey, this guy might have been pounded on the head one too many times!”

Chase: I said I thought it was a trauma induced aneurysm.

House: Yeah, could have carried a tad more weight if you’d mentioned the “liking pain” thing. You’re on my naughty list. Sorry, no leather stethoscope this Christmas.

E eis outro excerto onde mais uma vez de forma humorística a mesma questão é abordada já quase no fim do episódio:

House: Hi, I’m Dr. House. [to the nurse] How’s tricks, Annette? [The nurse turns, and it is indeed Annette in nurse’s scrubs.]

Annette: I just wanted to see if he was okay. I’ll leave.

House: No, it’s okay. I came to talk to you both. Like I tell all my patients, you’ve simply got to say “no” to strangulation. Me, I’m a freak, I get off on not being in pain. That, and chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies.

Annette: He’s not a freak.

House: Yeah, he is. A little. But it’s got to stop. Or he’ll die.

Annette: It’s not about pain. It’s about being open, being completely vulnerable to another person. If you can learn to be that deeply trusting… it changes you.

House: Well, lock him in a cage. That should be fine, medically.


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