quarta-feira, agosto 09, 2006

"They Gotta Be Kidding..."

Jodie Foster IS the Antichrist!
Here's proof:
Write "Jodie Foster" as separate words.
Transliterate the result into Hebrew: יודא פושטר.

Add together the numerical values of the letters in each word.
Add together the numerical values of each word. The result is 616!
Did you know that in the earliest manuscripts of the Bible 616 is the number of the beast? It's true! Plus, wouldn't it make perfect sense for the Enemy to disguise his true face all these years by getting people to believe in the wrong Bible?Don't be deceived! Now you have absolute PROOF that Jodie Foster is the Antichrist!


Blogger betti disse...

siiii mathews band me agrada bastante!!!!! pase a saludar & conocer *u*

9:08 da tarde  
Blogger betti disse...

oh si si si mathews ban me gusta salu2 *u*

9:08 da tarde  

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