sexta-feira, janeiro 07, 2005

I'm Your Girl

If you wanna party from dusk till dawn
To rotate and flip like a wheel-machine
If you wanna get messy and slimy to the bone
Ooh babe you make me wild n’mean

Covered head-to-toe in pink foam
I got an entrapment between my thighs
I got a pair of rubber hot wheels to roam
And hell’s fire in my flashing eyes

Take you to my coven of crazed witches
And soak you in warm liquid vaseline
And when your ass is hot red and all-burnt
You’ll know it was nitro-glycerine

Baby you make me spin to the ceiling
You make me crawl up the walls
You make me run, you make me sweat
You make me fever and make me wet.

I got a lycra spider-web pantyhose
Just for you hon, a vynil suit like Vampirella
I got a pair of silver star-shaped cuffs,
A leather whip and a golden-rain umbrella!

With a suit of black rubber and red hair
In a insane hero/villain cocktail milkshake
As if Batman and Poison Ivy got mixed-up
In the wildest B - comics stories affair

Nine-inch-heels make me high to the sky
Sweet like honey with stings like bees
Crazy clothes to twist till you die!
Green and purple wigs down to my knees!

When you think you got what you wanted
You know that it is never enough
Never take anything for granted
‘Cause I play it hard and play it rough

My eyes might be blinded folded or even
wide shut, but my swingin’ legs are open wide,
that’s why we drive in a journey to heaven
when your Jeckyll doesn’t hide

When you see me your eyeballs pop-out
from your face in psychadellic swirl
you crumble as your mouth has a drought
and that’s when you know I’m your girl!

copyright to: Maria Inês Ramos. All Rights Reserved.


Blogger Sergy disse...

Your Jeckil doesn´t hide!
My mouth is open with awe!

9:20 da manhã  

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