sexta-feira, janeiro 07, 2005

The Haunted House of Lingerie

I’m a Devil demonbabe vampiress
Wrapped in a fit n’ tight black vinyl suit
I’ve got a golden pitchfork to get you undress
White fangs and I’m in red panties to look cute

A Wolf O’Girl had her legs shaved
To wear a pink lace pantyhose tonight
From her sharp looks you won’t be saved
When a slime-girl in a blue g-string is in your sight

Cobwebbed leggings haunt you down
But the black leather bra is a strange fetish
There’s sexy female underwear flyin’ around
When a Wishmistress genie tells you to make a wish


You’re in the Haunted House of the Lingerie, oh boy
Ooooaaah… And you better just turn off the light
Because darlin,’ your eyes might not wanna see…
What??? What’s going to happen to you tonight!

Once you’re here, no one can prevent you from having a ball
I welcome you into the Haunted House of Female Intimate Clothes
Ya better stay around because here your greatest danger is to fall
In love with the foxy Frankenstein’s Bride wedding white pantyhose!

August 22nd 2000 copyright to: Maria Inês Ramos. All Right Reserved.


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